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European Travel Commission

EU–China tourism year

2018 is announced as the EU-China tourism year. Objectives of the initiative are e.g. to promote lesser-known destinations and improve travel and tourism experiences. The European Travel Commission (ETC) chose Kairos Future to perform a study on the Chinese outbound travel market as a base for this development work. They wanted:

1. An overview of the current state and future prospects of the Chinese out-bound travel market, with a focus on the impact of present economic and po-litical developments and subsequent expectations on tourist flows.

2. An analysis of the opinions of the Chinese internet users as expressed in social media, with a special focus on travel to and within Europe. This analysis should provide contextual qualitative information on prevalent travel themes and tourist behaviour trending in conversations. The aim was to characterise empirically the attitudes and opinions of current and prospective Chinese travellers.

The first part of the study relied on desk research, the second part of the study was based on netnographic research of online discussions, reviews, travel notes, and search statistics in the Chinese online and social media sphere. This part combined quantitative and qualitative content analysis and was carried out with Kairos Futures digital tool Dcipher. The netnographic method has a clear advantage in China where traditional questionnaires have proven to be insufficient.

We are very satisfied with the work of Kairos Future, Jennifer Iduh, head of research at the European Travel Commission says. And it has been quite a few projects over the years by now! We cherish the truly unique knowledge and we appreciate reports that are practical and have lots of visualization. Kairos deliveries are always in line with what we are asking for and always deliver on time.

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