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The 10,000 year old leans on history for future projects

Evaluation of the High Coast’s destination development

The High Coast formed over 10,000 year ago and became designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO at the turn of the century. The municipal organization The High Coast Destination Development is significantly younger than its geographical partner, formed during the spring of 2014, and is responsible for promoting the strategic progress of the High Coast’s tourism sector. In total, four municipalities are working together for the future of the High Coast: Härnösand, Kramfors, Sollefteå, and Örnsköldsvik. In 2017, Kairos Future was commissioned to evaluate the relatively young organization with the purpose of assessing the organization’s compliance with its original targets and goals. The project was built on a review of the original targeting decision and subsequent business plans by business owners, government officials, and politicians. External factors which may have influenced the project’s progress and led to deviations from the planned path were included. Focus was centered on how well the company succeeded in working towards its vision and goals.

Interviews with a number of key players were conducted, with a diverse selection of interviewees so as to cover all geographical and thematic perspectives. In a broader survey, a much larger spectrum of stakeholders voiced their opinions and reviewed the organization’s work towards the targets and goals. 

“The result show that our team succeeded in unifying the destination and working towards shared goals. We also received valuable tips on how we can improve our work in the next step.”

Peter Holmqvist, CEO of Höga Kusten Destinationsutveckling AB

Kairos Future helps companies and organizations develop for the future. A first step towards the future is casting a retrospective look behind your shoulder. What has occurred in the world leading up to today and what can we learn from it? Evaluating progress towards goals, targets, and strategies is often a great springboard for developing new plans. Sometimes there are quantitative indicators that require follow-up. Sometimes, especially when working in cluster environments, it is equally important to measure the subjective perspective on relocation. You may have done everything right but forgot to tell about your accomplishments.

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