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The National Swedish Media Council

Future-driven strategy development for the Media council

The project provided the Council with a well-functioning working process that the Council can continue to improve on its own in the future. The contextual analysis has given the organization and its management team a common vision to adapt to. It has also contributed to a way of working with strategy that is more grounded within the organization.

The Swedish Media Council is a federal agency whose primary goal is to promote the critical and conscious use of media among Sweden’s youth, and to follow the development of media and to give information on trends in media use that affect children and youth.

In times when the media environment is changing and broadening in scope, the Swedish Media Council sensed a growing need to develop its facilities for understanding the key trends in the media landscape and to tie the insights more effectively to the council’s strategy and communication.

In the initial discussions we proposed a model where the Agency would use a systematic way of work where a strategic contextual map is continuously updated with both long-term trends and more imminent, urgent challenges. This contextual map would also be used both in the external communication as well as in the planning and strategy work.

”We did work with environmental analysis before, but it was done in a way that was difficult to control and comprehend – with a lack of a systematic approach”

By carrying out the process as a combined training-, analysis- and strategy project we also assured that the Council would have the option to continue with the process alone after the initial phase.

The outline of the process was designed and led by Kairos Future whereas the contents to a large extent were produced by the Council in collaboration with a network of external experts and contacts.

”We both gained a better perspective of our own knowledge as well as many new insights”

”The process has contributed to a much more systematic way of working with the development of the organization’s activities; in the past the work was done in an ad hoc, reactive manner – today it is much more oriented towards the future."

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