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Kairos Academy offers a complete range of training programs as well as research in foresight, trend analysis, business intelligence, scenario planning, strategy and innovation.

Kairos Future Club

Kairos Future Club is the network for those who want to stay ahead of the competition and understand the trends and issues shaping modern society’s future. We offer our members a wide knowledge arena for trend analysis and foresight through seminars, workshops and reports. For now, it’s all in Swedish, but stay tuned for an international version of our knowledge network.

Access to exclusive club reports

Through the years we’ve produced hundreds of reports exclusively for our Club network. As a Club member you’ll have full access to all our reports, allowing you to study specific industries or trends. You simply log into your Club page to read reports or watch past seminars. 

Seminars and workshops

Members of Kairos Future Club meet once-a-month to discuss and take part of the latest trend reports. The meetings are a mix of lecture, workshop, and round table which have been well received by our members. If you can’t attend a seminar you have the option of sending a colleague in your place or watching the seminar online. 

Network with others

Kairos Future Club is located in Stockholm and Malmö, in Sweden. Upon the monthly Club seminars, our members also meet once every year for a large mingle. On these occasions members listen to an inspiring lecture, such as Kairos Future’s annual trend lecture: What’s On. 

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What do other members have to say about Kairos Future Club?

"I would highly recommend joining the Kairos Future Club. There is no other similar network with the height of presentation and foresight"

Markus Svensson, Municiplaity of Rättvik

Kairos Future Friends

Kairos Future Friends is our cost-free knowledge network. Members receive access to our extensive report archive, information on upcoming research projects, courses, breakfast seminars, and articles regarding trends, innovation, and future issues.

Access our report archive

We publish hundreds of reports every year, and as a member you receive access to a large part of the archive. Find inspiration and new insights in our public articles and reports. Take with you the lessons given through Kairos Future Friends back to your organization to prepare for tomorrow’s challenges. 

Be the first to know

You’ll be first to receive information on upcoming research projects, courses, breakfast seminars and articles on trends, innovation and future issues. As a member of Kairos Future Friends you are also part of our expert panel of future watchers, which means that you’ll be given the opportunity to participate in surveys and focus groups on different subjects. In short: if anything interesting happens, you'll be the first to know.

Tailored information

When you register for Kairos Future Friends, you’ll be asked to provide some personal information about yourself. This is so you will receive relevant and interesting information linked with your industry and organization, your role, and your interests. 

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What membership is best for you

Kairos Future Friends Kairos Future Club
Individual Organizational
Report archive with over 200 reports
Newsletter, information about research projects and invitations to breakfast seminars
Exclusive club reports
Exclusive club seminars and workshops
Our yearly trend lecture What's on
One networking event per year
Half day workshop for your organization
Free 14 900 SEK / person 49 000 SEK / 2 persons