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Systematic business intelligence

Systematic business environment analysis to strengthen the competitiveness of Swedish industry

The world and technology are changing at an increasingly rapid pace, Sweden is heavily dependent on exports and industry in the world is characterized by increased complexity. This development means that the actors in the ecosystem for Swedish industry need to be increasingly aware of changes in the world around them in order to maintain their competitiveness and stay at the forefront.

IUC Syd, Industrial Development Center in Skåne, which supports its industrial member companies in Region Skåne, understood early on that business intelligence was a new service that could be valuable to their member companies. They therefore asked Kairos Future to design and implement systematic business intelligence for their members. 

"Kairos Future's business intelligence, which we share with our members, has provided valuable new insights that many member companies do not have time to research themselves. They can better manage new opportunities and risks for the future". 
Camilla Dahlin, CEO IUC Syd

Together with Kairos Future, a working method was also designed that helps IUC Syd's members to continuously keep track of their business environment and translate insights into action. The concept for ongoing business intelligence means that Kairos Future's business intelligence analysts identify, analyze and package trends that are particularly relevant to IUC Syd's members and deliver the results in five so-called business intelligence letters per year. 

The ongoing business intelligence has led to the growth and strengthening of IUC Syd's network. Members have expressed that they feel more supported and have experienced the benefits of business intelligence in developing new products and services for their customers. The described service is now being rolled out in other parts of Sweden. 

For more information, please contact Heléne Olsson, Director Global Industry Innovation.

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