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Turn strategy into action through a systematic governance process

Why do strategies fail? Normally because execution does not always follow planning. For instance, when Kaplan and Norton – the fathers of the balanced scorecard – examined the issue, they found that 60 % of the corporate budgets were not linked to the overall strategy.

So how do you ensure that your well-crafted strategy becomes action; that everything you do trickles down from the overarching future-driven strategy map and is thus aligned with your overall ambitions and goals? When clients ask us that, we tell them that what they need is a future-driven governance process.

Our business governance process was developed over a decade ago, as a direct response to our clients’ needs to implement the strategies we’ve assisted them in developing. In short, the process ensures that strategy and portfolios of strategic initiatives are operationalized in short-term business plans and annual budgets, and that all new initiatives are scrutinized in the light of the long-term perspective. By metrics, systematic breakdown of activities, and follow-up procedures, we also make sure that not only plans are made.

As one of our clients, a head of a large public sector organization, said after having implemented the process: “I was about to give up, but now it’s so great to see things moving forward I can keep on working here forever.”

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