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Nail down your assumptions of where your customers are heading

How You Can Benefit From Social Media Mining

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Where are consumers heading? In which direction on the marketplace, how do they impact your brand, and what do they think of your products and services? What are the most important consumer groups and segments in your market? What can you do to attract them and how do you reach them?

Tribal Close Up is our unique method to get comprehensive answers to the questions above. It is unique in that we combine online ethnography and big data analysis. Using our digital automation platform Marvin we manage toidentify quantitative insights. It allows us to further pinpoint your key groups / tribes and build hypotheses about them through direct observations. Thereafter we quantify them and develop appropriate strategies to succesfully communicate with and reach them. We also try to interpret the specific results in a broader consumer and social trend context.

Tribal Close Up is often used as a starting point for innovation, concept and business opportunity development as well as deepening the understanding of the consumer groups a brand has or wishes to obtain. We always work close to the client.

Tribal Close Up helps companies and brands to:

  • Discover new needs and changing trends / patterns / behaviors.
  • Understand customer groups, new developments and opportunities in depth.
  • Shape the strategic communication and drive innovation processes in response to the detected customer groups, events and opportunities.

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