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Take the initiative and set the scene as a thought leader

7 Secrets of Thought Leadership

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Being a thought leader means being the one that defines the scene, the one that sets the agenda, that everyone else needs to relate to.

You don’t need to be big to be the thought leader, but as a thought leader you become big. Everyone wants to play with you, media wants to talk you and people will line up to work for you.

Therefore, identifying the unique position you would like and could take is crucial to success, and also to provide something interesting to the market. It’s also important to have people internally that are able to take on a thought leader role vis-à-vis media and market.

Our approach to thought leadership is future-based and normally consists of assisting our clients in developing thought-provoking insights about trends and scenarios of the industry they are operating in. Normally, we produce a report in collaboration with the client, and assist the client in getting the message through internally and among external stakeholders and media. The report is often supported by websites, blogs, presentations internal and client events, and not least, with activities aimed to identify and equip spokespersons in the client organization.

Although we work for the client, we never compromise with our independence as analysts and researchers.

The benefits of the activity are normally plentiful, ranging from an improved customer and employee brand, access to executives and stakeholders to improved media recognition. Often the results are used as input in internal strategy and innovation processes.

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