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Clarify your assumptions of where your industry and market is heading

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In order to be able to act properly, it is necessary to have a hypothesis of where the industry or market is heading.

When we assist our clients in developing such a hypothesis, we often do so in the format of a TrendWatch Report that summarizes the most relevant macro, industry and other trends in a crisp, catchy and action-oriented format.

We base our TrendWatch Reports on our collected experience and knowledge, trends and insights from our trend database and complementary original research. It normally includes consequences and proposed actions for the client and is a starting point for wind tunnel testing, innovation and strategy development. Sometimes, parts of the results are presented as public thought-leader reports.

In order to get the insights under the skin, we often engage the client organization in developing – or making a digest of – the report, through workshops or assisted by our co-creation platform Co:tunity.

We assist some of our clients on an ongoing basis, renewing their annual situational or trend analysis, or providing them with quarterly updates.

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