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Continuous Foresight

Continuous foresight provides executives and management teams with systematic, tailored business intelligence and strategic foresight.

Continuous foresight - an essential success factor
The world is changing rapidly. Transformation in the form of digitalization and high sustainability ambitions challenge all organizations' ways of working, organizing and communicating. Moreover, the globalization of recent decades has connected the world, with more actors and factors than ever affecting the conditions of local operations. It is therefore increasingly important to respond to changes in the world around us in a systematic way. Research also clearly shows that organizations that work systematically with foresight succeed significantly better than others! 

Those who have knowledge in time can act, not just react. It is often valuable to bring in outside expertise for a professional business environment analysis before a strategic move, for example. But it is also important that the organization itself continuously keeps track of what is happening in important issues. We offer different support for developing intelligence into strategic decision support: Foresight Workspace and Co:tunity. Both offer a digital space for ongoing business intelligence, with everything gathered in one place.

  • The Foresight Workspace is a digital workspace tailored to your needs, equipped with analytical tools developed during thousands of workshops. It allows you to continuously collect and process intelligence, turn it into a trend map and then analyze the consequences of what is happening. Instructional videos and consulting support for quality assurance are included. For individuals and small teams with basic business intelligence skills. 
  • Co:tunity is a digital tool for computer and mobile that, after a short introduction from us, guides you through Kairos Future's entire process: from reconnaissance to idea development. Co:tunity has the capacity for massive collaboration, you can easily share research and ideas, anytime and anywhere. You can also comment, like, and build on others' posts. Co:tunity is the only platform that combines trendspotting with idea generation and innovation in a single tool - even for very many users.

Our contribution in such work varies, but can be all or part of it: support for trend map, design of process and organization, training of employees, workshop management and analysis support, technical support platform, selection of information sources and more. You can read more about ambient innovation here.

* Companies with foresight have on average 33% higher profitability and 200% higher market value growth according to Rohrbeck, R. and M. E. Kum (2018). "Corporate foresight and its impact on firm performance: A longitudinal analysis." Technological Forecasting & Social Change(129): 105-116.

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