International Certified Future Strategist Programme

Take part in an international course taught by business professionals from four European countries, with more than 15 years of experience each in the fields of future studies and strategy.

”ICFS gave me the tools and knowledge to be part of the process-management for our national future process Region 2050, a 2 year process with all regions in Sweden participating, led by Reglab. ICFS gave me confidence enough to both build and manage the process.” Magnus Jörgel, Senior Strategist at Region Skåne (Sweden)

The “International Certified Future Strategist” (ICFS) program will help organizations successfully cope with an increasingly complex environment. The development of the ICFS course and the profession of Certified Future Strategist is being funded with the support of the European Commission’s ‘Leonardo da Vinci Program for life-long learning’. The course will follow a proven analytical framework called TAIDA, short for Tracking, Analyzing, Imaging, Deciding and Acting. It enables participants to understand step-by-step the theory and practice of futures thinking and strategy development. Each element will be taught in their own tailored modules, building on the skills and concepts learnt in previous modules. The focus of the ICFS program is on the practical application of the TAIDA model and how to implement future studies and strategy development in the participants’ own organizations.

The course is taught in English, and in an international environment with participants and teachers coming from different countries.

“The course has particular strengths such as the specific examples, the ability to ask questions and receive detailed answers. Moreover, the practical work during the course gave me a more clear ability to understand all the tools.” Dimitrios Chelidonis, Thessalian Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Greece)

Participants' average rating of a total of 7

I gained new skills and tools directly relevant for my job – 6,3

I gathered new insights and information relevant for my job – 6,3

I have developed my knowledge of foresighting methods and how to use these – 6,5

I will be able to transfer my learning into my professional context – 6,4

Key Benefits

  • Lead a futures/foresight exercise in your own organization.
  • Gain international perspectives. Practical experience + expertise: applicable and from practitioners.
  • Improve the strategies of your organization.
  • Learn and apply practical tools for trend analysis and scenario planning.
  • Enhance strategic thinking and action in your organization.
  • Build your international professional network.
  • Improve decision making in turbulent environments and under uncertainty.
  • Complement foresight skills with strategy – and vice versa.
  • Use your own company and work with it as a case, and then go back to your organization and help your colleagues solve problems.
  • Improve how you communicate strategy and manage change.

Listen to some of the earlier participants here:

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Price: 7 000 € plus VAT

Stockholm & Online

Please note that the course is held in English. Contact us directly for more information on how to apply.

The course covers nine days, in five modules, of which three are online and two on-site in Stockholm.


Module1: 30-31 January 2025 (on-site Stockholm)
Module 2: 6-7 March 2025 (online)
Module 3: 3-4 April 2025 (online)
Module 4: 8-9 May 2025 (on-site Stockholm)
Module 5: 5 June 2025 (online)

In Stockholm

The certification is optional and will be available for those taking part in the ICFS after completion of the course. The certification has been designed and is audited by an independent body (ExMi of Sweden). Certification is included in the course fee.

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