Future driven organization and innovation

Is your organization fit for the future? Do you have what it takes in terms of culture, processes and posture to thrive in this relentless world?

For 30 years Kairos Future has assisted companies and organizations in developing future- proofed strategies, business models, and innovative solutions. Over the years we’ve also researched performance drivers in today’s turbulent business environment. All the insights we’ve collected on what matters and how to implement these strategies are condensed in this poster. It summarizes the characteristics of high-performing organizations, and illustrates how you (as an organization) can design a future driven strategic innovation process.

Both our own research – based on several hundred thousand interviews – and scholarly research shows that foresight matters. For instance, Rohrbeck and Kum (2018) found that over a seven year period, multinational companies that carried out more foresight activities and applied more foresight in their strategy and innovation work had a 33% higher profit and a 200% higher market cap growth than the average multinational. That’s why being future-fit is so important. 

Want to get an overview of future driven organizations? Download the poster above (you have to be a Kairos Future Friends member to be able to download it) or take the test here.

Published: 2020