What we can learn from the leaders in digitalization

Covid-19 has accelerated a lot of trend, not least within digitalization and data analytics, which means that a lot of companies and organizations need to go through a digital transformation journey in the next couple of years. Transformation isn’t easy, sometimes even painful, the questions are many and the road ahead is often long and crocked.

“We’ve seen two years’ worth of digital transformation in two months”
Satya Nadella, VD Microsoft

Kairos Future has, on behalf of Bisnode, interviewed leader from European companies that have already undergone a digital transformation, and who is now in a position where they apply a more data driven strategy than many of their competitions in their respective markets.

They tell us that the journey towards a data-driven organization is unique to each company. Therefore, companies are designing and testing the models they believe are best suited for their specific situation, often shifting from one model to another during the journey. ​

Published: 2020