Blockchain-inspired technical solutions for accounting, auditing, and taxation

A collaborative project between FAR, Skatteverket, Kairos Future, Visma, SEB, Fortnox, and FAR’s members PwC, Deloitte, Grant Thornton, and KPMG.

The purpose of the project is to identify challenges with today’s operations linked to accounting, auditing, and taxation. And to then describe these challenges, along with possibilities for solving them with the help of digital information chains, such as block- chain.

We want to demystify blockchain, and make the technology, and the principles it has contributed, more accessible and understandable by all. It stimulates more learning and the development of new thoughts, processes, systems and—in the long run—more fun and value-generating work in the branch of accounting, auditing, and taxation, as well as among companies.

The overall challenge is creating trust in digital processes, actions, identities, etc., among all parties involved. We want to increase efficiency, decrease risks and make it more dif- ficult for companies to make mistakes, both conscious and unconscious. We also want to do this without compromising anonymity.

Published: 2019