Research Project

Kairos Travel Trend Report 2024

Understand the Scandinavian market with the 10th edition of our travel report.

Since 2007, Kairos Travel Trend Report describes the holiday travel behavior on the Scandinavian markets; Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

The report is based on an extensive survey of 4,000 Scandinavians alongside with qualitative trend analysis and AI analysis to provide you with concrete knowledge and an improved understanding of how the Scandinavian market and its travelers are developing.

The purpose of the study is:

  • To be a strategic planning and decision-making tool regarding travel on the Scandinavian market, both in the short- and long-term perspective.
  • Help you better understand the key market drivers shaping future travel and be able to evaluate different trends and growth potential for destinations and holiday types the coming years
  • Provide key figures about destinations, choice of accommodation and transportation, activities, motives etc. about holiday trips (both domestic and outbound) in 2024

Field period is planned for September 2024. Comparison will be made with previous surveys we have made on a regular basis since 2007. This gives us the unique opportunity to compare results – with previous dreams/values and actual behavior.

Interested in joining the project? Download the prospect below.

References from our partners:

”Each year the report provides us with a library of insights about travel trends on the Scandinavian market. It has become an integral part in our business strategy and is used for marketing, communication and product development. The long time-series are unique and to be able to compare results over time helps us feel more confident when making decisions about the future.”


Carina Jirwe, TUI, Head of Consumer Behavior & Offering Design

“We get concrete insights and robust data which will be very useful in our strategic work and will help us develop our marketing activities…Being able to dig deeper into our main questions and our prioritized target groups together with Kairos Future was very valuable and gave us new ideas which will be put into action”. 

Marijke Van Damme, Visit Flanders, Regional Coordinator Scandinavia

If you have any questions, or if you are interested in future travel trends in general, please contact Karl-Johan Tegnér or Johanna Danielsson.

Interested in joining the project? Download the prospect below.