The Services Revolution

Over the next 10 years, the business sector is likely to experience a major shift, as new technology paves the way for digitally driven ecosystems that are based around services rather than products. Sweden and Swedish companies have great potential to stay at the forefront of business innovation on a global scale.   But how will the service-revolution play out, and how will different scenarios transform Swedish manufacturing and service industry? That were some of the questions Business Sweden raised, and that became the foundation for a scenario project on the service revolution. 

To address this, we worked with Business Sweden to develop three different scenarios, which were based on two central drivers that will shape the future industry landscape:

The rising intelligence: From Manual to Automated
A high intelligence level is characterized by an increased level of automated systems. At an early stage, this happens in customer interactions and certain work processes. A more advanced degree of intelligence are algorithm-driven business systems that have the ability to learn from feedback and previous experience. In the final stage, artificial intelligence will be central to all operations and manage most processes and even decisions.

The increased Complexity: From simple Product to Super Systems
In terms of complexity, servicification can be illustrated by a transformation from product-focused operations to the creation of a so-called super system – businesses that develop their own global platforms and digital solutions.

The report The services revolution describes the evolution of the business landscape and how it affects Swedish companies in detail.
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Published: 2019