TAIDA: A Framework for Thinking of the Future

This paper is an excerpt from the book Scenario planning – the link between future and strategy by Mats Lindgren and Hans Bandhold.

TAIDA: A Framework for Thinking of the Future

The brain basically functions as a scenario generating organ. In that sense it constantly scans the environments, tries to make sense of what it perceives, identifies alternative future developments, alternative goals and actions, decides what to do – and makes sure that necessary steps are taken.

Transformed into a scenario planning framework, we could talk about the brain’s ‘TAIDA process’: Tracking, Analysing, Imaging, Deciding and Acting. TAIDA is also the name of the framework we have developed and used for more than ten years in hundreds of scenario planning projects for public and private businesses and organizations. In short TAIDA stands for:

  • Tracking: we trace changes and signs of threats and opportunities.
  • Analysing: we analyse consequences and generate scenarios.
  • Imaging: we identify possibilities and generate visions of what is desired.
  • Deciding: we weigh up the information, identify choices and strategies.
  • Acting: we set up short-term goals, take the first steps and follow up our actions.