Modern Family

Summary of a study exploring the future or parenthood

Today’s new parents have grown up in a world of omnipresent digital technology and increasing urbanization. They were raised in the 80’s and 90’s, when trends in child rearing dictated free exploration and discovery and their parents told them they could be whatever they wanted to be. Some have described their own parents’ generation as curling parents - meaning they sweeped any and all obstacles out of their precious darlings’ path - denying them the experiences necessary for learning to overcome adversity.

Now comes the backlash: the new parenting ideal is to focus more on guiding - today’s new parents are realists more than dreamers, aware of the world they’re preparing their children for living and working in. Caring for your children now means raising them to be strong and prepared, and use whatever expert knowledge is available to you to do it. 

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Published: 2016