Living City 2022 – Presenting Urban Trend Report

In the future, urban green spaces are expected to play a more important role - to help prevent floods, lower temperatures and boost biodiversity.

This increased sustainability focus will place new demands on green space professionals, who will need to learn new skills and use other types of tools. In the future trend report Re:thinking urban green spaces - from Nice to Necessary, Husqvarna together with Kairos Future has interviewed experts, professionals and citizens in six European markets to find out what role urban green spaces will play in the future, and how this will impact the profession and technical tool development.

As part of a shift towards a more sustainable future, an increased focus on urban green spaces in general can be expected, with a particular emphasis on tree care and biodiversity. Technology has another key role to play, to speed up the electrification journey and develop the autonomous solutions needed to address widespread issues of finding and retaining qualified staff.

The report identifies 7 keys to the future of sustainable urban green space management, an expected timeline for future trends, as well as the drivers behind them.

Published: 2022