Global travel trends

What trends are affecting the industry of travel and tourism today and in the future? The world’s markets are influencing each other more and more and it gets increasingly difficult to keep the overview of developments. This report sorts out a selection of trends on three different levels. Mega Trends, Certain Trends and Rising Trends. Two mega trends are picked out as being of particular importance for the tourism industry in a long-term perspective (>10 years). Certain trends (in a 5-10 year perspective) dealing with information/interactivity, multi-optionality, innovation, climate change, authenticity, holistic health and transformation are described more closely. Rising trends (interesting in at least a short-term prespetive up to 5 years) concerning mobile attractions, virtual visits, mobile services, status traveling, “in-the-footsteps-of”-trips and 5D branding are described as well. Also we take a look at uncertainties ahead, like terror threats, oil prices, global politics...

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Published: 2007