The Future of Homes in Turbulent Times

From Swimming Pools to Solar Panels

After decades of economic growth, low inflation and low interest rates, homeowners had become accustomed to living in a world where credit was cheap and property prices kept rising. Suddenly, the 2020s forced society to leave this fantasy world and deal with reality. This reality not only includes economic deterioration, but also looming security threats from both foreign powers and climate change that may alter how homeowners view their precious homes.

To find out how these turbulent times are affecting homeowners, we conducted a survey on behalf of Inwido among more than 3,300 homeowners in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and England. The responses were collected in October 2022, revealing interesting insights into homeowners' attitudes towards their homes considering the economic downturn. In this article, we will delve into four key findings from the survey.

Published: 2023