Consumer Trend Hotlist 2016

The background to the story of the consumer mindset in 2016 started with a presentation by Wendy Liebmann at NRFs retail conference in 2008. In her presentation she claimed the American consumers’ view of the world to be ”Anarchy”. We believe this was an interesting and relevant observation. Chaos in the housing market, in the economy, in the environment, in relations, and in identities leaves consumers in an uneasy world with few established institutions to hold on to. Given the surrounding world of anarchy we have seen a strong desire for anchoring among consumers for many years. Chefs searching for old recipes, the rising status of the farmer, traditions and old archetypes in general have been on the rise. 

Sometimes around 2013 this longing for history and anchoring started to change into a positive view of the future. World Economic Forum started to discuss Internet of Things instead of debt and crises. Consumers have now embraced the future with a more positive mindset for a few years. However, putting the pieces together for the new future has proven difficult and will take both time and effort. 

In 2016 we see a continued attention and interest in creating a new future but one where the new fundamentals in life have to be found and understood, simply because they are not given anymore. 

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Published: 2015