Analog and digital 2030

A lot can happen in twelve years’ time. Looking back to 2005 there was yet no iPhone, an invention that would come to revolutionize cellphones. Facebook was only one year old, and the term “social media” was yet mostly academic. In a very short time a digital era has swept across the world – but the changes are far from over. We are still in a time of great transformations, difficult to grasp for the same reason as why it’s difficult to see London while standing on Piccadilly Circus. The picture is too big, and we are much too close. Yet it is possible to look towards the horizon. 

Just as with a real horizon, 2030 only really limits what we can see, not what there is. To reach 2030, however, requires effort, strategy, and a steady gaze. If the world in a mere twelve years has transformed from analog to digital, from connected to social, from stationary to mobile – what might digitalization do with a quarter of a century at its disposal? Will the world in 2030 even be recognizable to a person from 2005?

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