7 Steps to Storify your Brand through Consumer Metanarrative Analysis

Successful brand managers understand that in order to provide consumers with an attractive and plausible story of their brand, they first need to understand the stories of their consumers. Doing so enables them to develop bottom-up brand strategies that place the con- sumers at the center and firmly connect the brand to growing themes in the minds of consumers, rather than top-down strategies created in isolation.

This article describes how to build a stronger brand by listening to the stories told by consumers, about your brand but also about the things they care about the most. It outlines the basic steps of Consumer Metnarrative Analysis, an approach developed by Kairos Future to provide:

  • A basis for consumer-centric, bottom-up brand and marketing strategies
  • A link between big data and ethnography, combining the strengths of quantitative analysis and qualitative research
  • A framework for interpreting consumers’ stories on a higher level and tracking changes over time 

Published: 2015