We are Consultants for Strategic Futures

Kairos Future is an international consulting and research company that assists companies and organizations to understand and shape their futures.

Kairos in brief

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  • Consulting


    Consulting for the Future Seeing the changes ahead and seizing the opportune moment to move is fundamentally what management is all about. We assist our clients in doing so.

  • Digitools


    Technology to Predict Trends and Spark Innovation Kairos Future believes that the key to 21st century innovation is teaming up with machines. We have developed technology to help our clients boost their innovation. Let us introduce you to Co:tunity and Marvin.

  • Academy


    Learn and Spread Knowledge Kairos Academy offers a complete range of training programs as well as research in foresight, trend analysis, business intelligence, scenario planning, strategy and innovation.

  • Publications


    Our Knowledge is Here We author hundreds of reports annually and have published many books since the start. Be wiser and be inspired by reading our public articles, publications and books.