Blockchain impact on society


Blockchain impact on society

The price of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin keep on reaching new highs. While this is interesting there are a lot of other blockchain applications than can have a much broader value for society. Public sector administration, health care, food transparency, financial services, accounting are some examples. Kairos Future has an ambition to identify the potential of yearly benefits from Swedish blockchain use-cases and pilot projects of 131 billion SEK. As part of this we invite you to a seminar with presentations from international thought leaders in this area.

Erik Olofsson, head of EMEA at Chain – one of the world’s most highly recognized blockchain companies from Silicon Valley. Erik Olofsson will talk about the leading international use-cases Chain is involved in including Visa, Citigroup and Nasdaq

Claes Norgren, former Director General of Finansinspektionen and Konkurrensverket, and Deputy Governor of Riksbanken, advisor Enigio. Claes Norgren will talk about the potential impact from blockchain on digitalization of government and the public sector    

Victoria Lemieux, Associate Professor of Archival Science at the University of British Columbia and leader of the university’s blockchain research cluster. Ms Lemieux received The 2015 World Bank Big Data Innovation Award. Victoria Lemieux presents a novel framework for evaluating the capability of innovative blockchain-based systems to deliver trustworthy recordkeeping based on archival science-an ancient science aimed at the long-term preservation of authentic records. Points will be illustrated with reference to ongoing research on the use of blockchain technology in the management of records in healthcare in Estonia and real estate transfers in Brazil and Sweden.

Magnus Kempe, director Kairos Future will be the moderator at the seminar.

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