Research Project

Travel Trend Report

We are happy to present to you the possibility to participate in 2016 Travel Trend Report. This is the 4th edition since 2007 and every edition has been produced together with key partners in the industry. 

The purpose of the project is to better understand the travel trends and their impact on the industry long and short term. We track Scandinavians’ travel patterns and their future aspirations. We also look at trends that can be game changers and we analyse the consequences they can have for the travel and tourism industry. For example:

  • Sharing Economy. How will the sharing economy influence travel and tourism in the future? What are the perceived possibilities and threats for the industry?
  • Automation. What are the areas that will be the most affected? How do travellers perceive automation and to what extent do they appreciate it, accept it. Or do they feel frightened by the development?
  • Collaborative Innovation. What are the attitudes among travellers when it comes to contributing to innovation?
  • Travelling and tourism in times of terror. Terrorism is unfortunately present in our lives today. How does this affect travel and vacation patterns?
  • Travel barometer. Mapping holiday trips the past  three years and plans the coming three years. Results will be benchmarked to previous years intentions and actual travel from the Travel and Tourism Reports.
  • Generation Shift. New generations – how will they set their mark?
  • The Future of Travel. Looking towards 2040. 

The fact that the Travel Trend Report is recurrent gives the report historical substance mixed with the coolest trend spotting from Kairos Future’s multi-channel resources.  

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