Research Project

Kairos Travel Trend Report

Be prepared to meet the future. We welcome you to join our research project Kairos Travel Trend Report where we'll uncover trends, changes in behavior and long-term travel patterns. This year's Kairos Travel Trend Report  will put extra spotlight on sustainability.

This is the 5th edition since 2007 and we are looking forward to analyze the short- and long-term trends in the Scandinavian markets; Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. The study includes the collection and analysis of new data from Scandinavian travelers as well as comparable data from the previous 10 years, which enables us to examine important changes you need to be aware of. For example:  

  • How will today’s focus on sustainability affect long-term travel patterns?
  • Does status & shame have an effect on traveling as self-branding?
  • What trends affect the industry in the future?
  • Where will the Scandinavian Traveler go in 2022?
  • What do travelers want to spend their money on?  
  • What are their driving forces when choosing a vacation?
  • What destinations have the greatest growth potential?

The study will be designed in close collaboration with the tourism industry and, if you join, you will have the opportunity to influence the study content. 

If you are interested in more information regarding the project, please download the prospect below: