Research Project

The work place of tomorrow

What constitutes a good digital work environment?

The workplaces change radically. We see completely new approaches and methodologies dominating the ways we work. Digitization is a big challenge for most companies and organizations. Business models, marketing and customer relations must of course be developed for a digital world. But also the interior life of a business must develop. Problem solving, collaboration and communication between employees are being digitized. Workplaces are redesigned to suit the new ways of working. Unlimited work and enormous quantities of information are realities of today – and even more so in the future. The development has never been so fast, with great uncertainty about the future.

Therefore, Kairos Future and Palorial now offers companies and organizations to a joint study of the new ways of working, the new workplace and digital work in 2025.

What constitutes a good digital work environment – a well-functioning digital workplace and that work is led and carried out there free from digital stress? What structures and working methods as well as digital communications and digital tools allow a transformation of the workplace of the future? These are some questions we seek answers to the survey Tomorrow's Work.

Contact Ulf Boman or Niklas Angmyr, Palorial, for more information.