Research Project

The future of outdoor experiences

How will outdoor experiences develop in the years to come? Urbanization and new growing markets drive another perspective on what is defined as nature and “the outdoor”, and demographic changes will create new types of outdoor travelers. The outdoors will probably be even more important in the future as an arena for recuperation for body and mind. Especially as reports show that mental health problems are increasing, particularly among youths. We can see that the expectations on the outdoor experiences will be much more diversified in the future, and experience design around the individual's needs and wants will be key to success. 

In a recent research study, we have taken a look into the future of outdoor experiences by doing a trend analysis and a netnography (analyzing social media) to gain insights within the following focal questions:

  • Where is the outdoor experience heading? What trends can we see towards 2030? 
  • Who is the (future) outdoor traveler, what different ”tribes” are there? What desires, motives, and expectations do they have? What are the implications for product development, innovation, strategy and marketing for outdoor companies and destinations? 

These questions were answered by using patented algorithms and our cutting-edge AI-based analytics platform Dcipher to both cast a wide net, dig deep into the data and visualize results comprehensively and attractively.

The insights from this project will be useful for destination management and for your local outdoor businesses. The report shows you how to design your experiences according to the subgroups of the outdoor tribe. To be able to share the insights and implement them locally, we have also produced a workbook that can be used for product development and marketing planning.

Would you like to know more about the future of outdoor experiences, how to use netnography as a segmentation tool or maybe book a lecture? Please contact or