Research Project

Kairos Travel Trend Report ​

Understanding the Scandinavian Markets: ​Trends and Tendencies for the Travel Industry

The Scandinavians might have had fewer restrictions than in many other countries. Still, life was and is limited, and most people are anxiously waiting for the world to open up again!

Research shows, that after previous pandemics, and crisis in general, we could be expecting an era of increased spending and risk taking after this time in isolation. We long to meet, to travel and to experience things together once again. Treat ourselves to something!

On the other hand, the pandemic has shown us that Scandinavians could consume and travel less and that living in a more sustainable way wasn’t insurmountable.

This research project aims to shed light on leisure consumption in the new 20’s in general and leisure travel in particular. It will help leaders in the leisure industry to set a course into the post-corona world. The leisure industry, now more than ever, will need to chart out new paths moving forward.  

Field period is planned for September 2021. Comparison will be made with previous surveys we have made on a regular basis since 2007. This gives us the unique opportunity to compare results – with previous dreams/values and actual behavior.

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