Research Project

Scenario planning for the travel and tourism industry

Kairos Future has 30 years of experience with scenario planning, a proven and powerful method in uncertain times to help organizations navigate and chart their course forward. 

While the pandemic is over, actors throughout the industry are still dealing with its aftermath, and in the midst of this, new uncertainties and concerns have emerged. Recession, skills shortages, rising prices, energy crises, rising costs, geopolitical unrest, AI leaps, and more have created an increasingly complex situation that many feel is chaotic.  At the same time, some of the biggest challenges of our time - climate change, digitalization/automation, and the supply of skills and competencies - aren't going away and will continue to shape the coming years. 

Almost three years ago, at the beginning of the pandemic, we initiated a project to explore different scenarios for the travel and tourism industry.  We identified three different scenarios, with the most dismal one unfortunately proving to be the closest to reality.

Now we are launching a new scenario project to help companies, destinations and organizations in the travel and tourism industry plan for uncertain times! 

Are you interested and want to know more? Download the prospect below.