Research Project

Consumers in Crisis

An AI-powered study into how consumers think, act, and spend in a time of crisis.

As the global coronavirus crisis unfolds, millions of people around the world find themselves stuck in their homes, with many of them sharing their new ways of life online. As governments, public health institutions, and communities work to contain the virus, uncertainty is running high.

Practicing “social distancing” and with extra time on their hands – no more commuting – what are people doing at home? What and how do they consume? What can businesses do to help them through these difficult times? What brand communication resonates with them?

To find out, we have used the latest AI-powered technology to conduct social media mining and netnographic analysis, analyzing millions of posts shared publicly online by people affected.

The study identified 10 broad drivers of change in terms of behaviors and consumption:

  1. Securing the essentials
  2. Frugality & reassessment of value
  3. Immunity boost & protection against COVID-19
  4. Comfort & simple treats
  5. Staying connected
  6. Turning the home into a productivity hub
  7. Keeping body and mind healthy
  8. Staying entertained
  9. Creative & child-friendly activities
  10. Staying informed & cultivating new skills

We also identified 10 possible long-term consequences of these trends and changes, which are presented in the report.

In the extensive 64-page report you get all the the necessary details. The report is available at €1999 (excl. VAT), including 1 hour presentation and discussion with our expert.

For further information about our unique approach to “bottom-up consumer insight” and examples of other AI-powered consumer insight studies, read more here and here.

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