Research Program

China’s Innovation Landscape

For a deep dive into China’s innovation landscape, fill out the form below and take a look at our Innovation practice’s analysis on China’s booming startup scene (second only to the U.S. in the field of global venture capital), get an overview of the possible scenarios for the 2030 Chinese innovation landscape in our Dragon Star Plus report, learn about where China’s knowledge base is, and who are the top 150 innovators you need to know now. 


For many years we have assisted companies in understanding and leveraging China’s innovation ecosystem. From scenario planning to an overview of the startup landscape, our comprehensive and multifaceted strategic insights enable our clients to anticipate and respond to what is coming next, ensuring they never miss an opportunity.

In order to understand plausible future developments, we study patterns of change on a structural level that emerge from China’s past and present innovation environment. While these innovation structures are not directly observable, they can be studied in the form of new startups, business models, R&D projects, policy priorities, acquisitions, cultural phenomena, and other observable events.

Our approach combines expert interviews and other qualitative research methodologies with quantitative data mining of the complete databases of Chinese academic articles, patents, investment deals, company profiles, and policy documents. We have done so by mapping and scanning the landscapes of startups, research, technology, business models, government policy, and ownership relationships in China.

We continuously track the innovation landscape from every single angle, ensuring our clients are able to make informed decisions for resilient, sustainable, future‑focused strategies.

If you want to learn more about how China’s innovation landscape is changing, and what it means for you, please contact Tomas Larsson.