Research Program

China's Consumer Landscape

What does China's race up the value-chain mean to your business?

Do you know how your brand is perceived in China? How new consumer tribes are formed? How society and politics are changing? What the new growth pattern looks like? Or what China's race up the value-chain means to your business? Maybe you should, because much of what happens in the world today emanates from China.

Since the 1990s, Kairos Future has had a special focus on the developments in China. We’ve kept track on the steady economic and technological growth, and the rapidly changing consumer patterns, and we’ve included China in almost every international study we’ve conducted since the early 2000s. We’ve also conduced research in collaboration with research institutes in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.

It used to take 24 month for a Californian idea to get to China. Now it takes 24 hours. Li Gong, CEO Mozilla China

In 2010, we gathered all our China related knowledge, activities and networks under what we call ChinaLab, which presently is located in Shanghai. Current activities include:

Mapping China's consumer landscape and social change in real time using millions of blogs, micro blogs, news articles, product reviews and other relevant big data sources
Tracking changes in China's knowledge and innovation geography as well as its key and emerging players, using a unique database where every Chinese patent has been matched with geographical coordinates in combination with in-depth study of research policy and funding
Assisting our clients understand China’s changing growth pattern by studying local level economic and demographic trends.

By an innovative combination of data sources and methods we have gathered unique insights and are frequently invited as speakers on China related topics.

Did you know that China has seen a 30-fold increase in invention patenting in a decade.