Agile Analytics Platform

Dcipher allows you to identify trends and patterns in huge amounts of data, autonomously. It is a unique Agile Analytics platform developed by Kairos Future, based on internationally patented algorithms. Dcipher is able to work with data in any language, and finds the most relevant patterns and trends without pre-assumptions.

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Meet Dcipher

Among Dcipher’s unique abilities is that it autonomously can identify trends and patterns in huge amounts of data, such as social and news media, business reports, patents and abstracts. That means that the researcher do not need to have hypotheses about what to search for, Dcipher finds the most relevant patterns and trends without pre-assumptions. Another feature is that Dcipher is able to work in any language, we have already tried its abilities in more than 15 languages, and it learns a language in the same way as humans do, although it does not need to practice very long to start working.

Products and Services

Based on Dcipher’s abilities, we’ve developed a set of online services that we tailor for every specific client. Assisted by Dcipher’s abilities to capture weak signals and upcoming trends, and unfolding a competitive or topic landscape, we design online platforms aimed to meet the client’s specific needs, regardless of whether those needs are to understand the consumer or technology landscape, keep track on upcoming trends or competitors’ moves.

Previous Work

Dcipher has provided valuable insight as a starting point for strategy and brand development, as well as strategy, product and service innovation in various settings for a wide range of clients globally. Some examples are: 

  • Uncovering Chinese and Brazilian travel dreams and segments, using millions of blogs and microblogs, on behalf of UNWTO (World Tourism Organization) and The European Travel Commission

  • Understanding the home related dreams and desires of Russian residents, for a home styling and furniture company in Russia

  • Understanding the baby segment in China for a global consumer goods company, using millions of Chinese blogs, microblogs and forum discussions

  • Identifying consumer trends and perceptions in the field of health and food in several countries for a Global 500 food company