Spot trends and create ideas – together!

In need of rethinking communication, empowering a brand, developing new products, cutting costs or finding new customers? Co:tunity is a unique multi-functional smartphone application and web based platform for collaborative trendspotting and innovation developed by Kairos Future. With Co:tunity you can easily gather, share and develop trends and ideas, analyze and report in the same digital platform.

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Let a crowd help you with your challenge

Are you facing a new challenge? Trying to figure out how to launch your new product on the market, trying to reach a new target group, or do you need to engage your coworkers? With Co:tunity you can easily get help from the crowd, with trendspotting and ideas. Choose your own crowd, or let us help you find the right one. 

Spot trends and create ideas – together

With Co:tunity you can spot and share trends and ideas with each other, from any place, at any time and on any digital platform. You can also like and comment on other’s spottings and ideas. Co:tunity is the only available innovation platform that combines trend spotting and foresight with idea creation and innovation management.

Analyze and discover new insights

Co:tunity is based on Kairos Future well proven analytical methods. Methods that have been used by hundreds of organizations and companies worldwide and taught to thousands of students. Co:tunity helps you analyse and discover new insights, through several analytical features. 

Share and spread your insights

Co:tunity also offers report generation and newsletter production. You can merge trends and ideas into concepts, and export the most valuable ones into a powerpoint presentation for example. That way you can easily share and communicate the trends and ideas you have analysed with others.