The Art of Leading in Times Of Chaos


The Art of Leading in Times Of Chaos

With the Corona pandemic and stock exchanges in free fall, most managers and executives currently have a lot of things on their plate that they have to deal with. But leading in chaotic times is not just about being able to juggle a lot of things at once or about being able to make decisions when stuck between a rock and a hard place. Leading in times of chaos is also about being able to look beyond the chaotic present and start to make preparations for what might happen next. This way you can keep a cool head and find your own peace, while also having opportunities to instill courage, vigor and hope into your organization and employees. At the same time as you raise your own and the organization’s readiness for the future you create opportunities to carve out strategies for managing both the next phase and for how to act under prevailing circumstances. 

If you missed the webinar, you can watch it here until March, 27.


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