Urban Trend Hunt Shanghai

Spot the future of innovation, lifestyles and consumption with us in Shanghai

China is stepping up to the plate as Asia's preeminent economic power, with aspirations to become a global consumer trendsetter, talent magnet, and innovation hotbed. Understanding what is happening in China and how it will affect us has never been more important.

On this three-day Urban Trend Hunt, we bring you to Shanghai, the most dynamic of all Chinese cities. As a vibrant center for Chinese consumer culture, a hub for lifestyle subcultures and a hotspot for creativity and innovation, Shanghai is a place where the future has already begun. Prepare to get blown away by the scale and magnitude of China's transformation into a knowledge and consumption powerhouse!

The trip mixes insight sessions and study visits with inspirational meetings and a visit at the Shanghai Consumer Electronics Show. The thematic foci are innovation, consumer culture, and lifestyles. You will bring back insights into where China and Shanghai are headed as well as inspiration for your own business.

Price: €1800

På förfrågan

€1,800/person (excl. travel & accommodation)

The dates are 11-13 May. Additional days and tailored visits available on demand.