Online scenarioworkshop – find the solutions after the acute Corona crisis

What comes after the dire Corona crisis?

As of this moment, many companies are trying to procure tools in order to cope with the uncertain future in these very turbulent times for society. The Corona crisis is exceptional, both in scope and complexity. There are several parameters that has to be taken into consideration. However, we can see that many trembles in the process of identifying which end to begin their disentanglement. Gaining control over the flow of costs is most often the initial measure but the question is what should be done next? One must also possess the ability to see beyond the horizon, especially in the middle of a crisis.

It is all about endeavoring to seek the eye of the storm, which most of the time possess a temporal calm that enables the brave to acquire pivotal tools in a crisis, namely the possibility to obtain a strategic overview of the present as well as one’s own strategies when the storm has passed. On that premise, we would like to invite you to participate in an educational scenario workshop, wherein we together will explore what comes after the storm has passed. We will extract different future developments alongside scenario techniques that will enable you to learn these methods, as well as acquiring the means for future strategic navigation in uncertain times. Every participant will possess the ability to analyze how different future scenarios could affect their own line of business.

The workshop is carried out online and will be executed by switching between our lectures, with our view of the present and the future, as well as with group discussions moderated by our experienced consultants.

Our associates have a long experience with procuring better understanding of the future and giving the means for navigating through uncertain times for our customers. We know that scenarios are the preferable method for identifying uncertainties and temporal instabilities. Alongside this, we also know that an experienced future strategist is an invaluable counselor, as of our knowledge from 25 years of experience.

Price: 4 800 SEK excl. VAT

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Date: June 4, 2020
Place: Online
Language: English

This course can be provided on demand in English or French to companies or groups. Contact us directly for more information or if you want to participate.

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